The routine of a solitary man is interrupted by a visitor.

The visit | short documentary 14´ | Romania | 2015 | Color

International Premiere: Pula Film Festival 2015 / Pula, Croatia

National Premiere: Astra Film Festival 2015 / Sibiu, Romania


Director: Hedda Bednarszky
Cinematography: Hedda Bednarszky
Editing: Hedda Bednarszky

Production Company: Faculty of Theatre and Film, Cluj Napoca
Cast: Peter

festivals / screenings

Astra Film Festival 2015 / Cluj Napoca, Romania

Pula Film Festival 2015  /  Pula, Portugal

Filmul de Piatra  2015 / Piatra Neamt, Romania

ClujShorts 2016/ Cluj Napoca, Romania