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The Dreamers 9´ | Germany | 2021 

A whimsical tale about

the fears and hopes

of a young romantic.

The Dreamers tells the story of Anna, a young romantic and an aspiring actress who moves to Berlin to start over.

In times of uncertinity, Anna dreams of true love and red carpets, proud parents and contentment.

I met Anna a while ago when we were both waitresses in a small restaurant in Hamburg.

She used to put lipstick on before every shift and always took the time to chat with grumpy guests who were complaining about the weather. Sometims she would mix up orders which left her feeling terrible for days. Other days, she fell deeply in love with passers-by and quickly became nostalgic at the thought of never seeing them again. She would swirl through the tables like a summer breeze and at the end of the day she rode her bike home really fast . She would disappear into the night blending in perfectly with the city lights.

She could be funny and self- ironic and still have mystery and vulnerability about her - like a modern day fairy.

I wanted to capture this unique mixture in an intimate portrait of her. 

director, cinematography, editing Hedda Bednarszky

cast, diary, producer | Anna Maria Matz

music | Marius Georgescu

grading | Loup Deflandre 

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